What is fundraising and why does your startup need it?

A great idea won’t get you anywhere. You need to get investors on board and raise startup funds.
In order to get startup funding from angel investors for seed, series A and beyond, you must convince an angel or a venture capital investor.

Fundraising for startups can be difficult. Funding is important to fuel your ground-breaking idea. You need capital for your startup to recruit a solid team, rent out office space, and find many other aspects of the business.

How can 7 startup help your startup raise funds?

We understand securing startup funding from VCs is challenging and competitive- we empower you to tell the right future growth story as part of our fundraising services for startups.


VC Experts

We work with you to produce world-class investment collateral - the pitch decks, financial model, and valuation analysis, so that you can secure funding for your startup.


Fundraising Journey

We take the startup fundraising journey with you, from getting your startup investment ready to getting you funded by the right investors for your startup round.


Rigorous Process

We’re a team of entrepreneurs and investors and we know the blind spots and risks in startup fundraising – we take you through our rigorous fundraising processes to ensure you get funding for your startup.

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