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Introducing: Lumon
Introducing: Lumon
We are thrilled to announce a partnership with Lumon, an overseas payment platform that helps you manage overseas investments and develop strategies to maximise performance. For international investors looking to…
Series A Funding: AgFlow
Series A interview: Agflow
AgFlow is the world’s largest network of agricultural commodities data suppliers within grains, oilseeds, and vegoils. They are currently looking for series A funding to invest in their operations and…

7startup Reports

MarTech Guide
MarTech Funding

Maximising Efficiency is a 7startup original report covering MarTech funding and all that this can encompass. We go over how to build your MarTech stack as well as an overview of the current landscape in MarTech funding, challenges that this industry faces, and what the future of MarTech may look like.

Deep Tech Funding
Deep Tech Funding

Looking to the Future is a 7startup original report covering deep tech funding and all that this broad term can encompass. We go over what is meant by the term “deep tech,” the main fields with which deep tech is affiliated, and what current deep tech trends could mean for the future.