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CleanTech Guide
Guide to CleanTech:

Taking Steps Towards Saving the Planet is a 7startup original report covering CleanTech funding and all that can encompass. We go over what is meant by the term “CleanTech” and why it’s important, followed by an overview of Climate Tech, and where the differences between the two may lie. We then go over the current CleanTech landscape as well as what to expect in the future for CleanTech.

What we cover: 

1. Overview of CleanTechAn overview of CleanTech, why it’s important, and the history behind it. Also included is an overview of The Paris Agreement and various examples of CleanTech.

2. Overview of Climate TechA brief overview of what Climate Tech is and how it differs from CleanTech. Also included are examples of Climate Tech as well as information on the current investment landscape.

3. The CleanTech LandscapeThis section covers what the current CleanTech landscape looks like. Also included are current CleanTech innovations making waves in 2022.

4. The Future of CleanTechThe future is likely far more dependent on CleanTech than most people realise. This chapter covers what the future may look like for this industry as well as potential technologies that may disrupt it.

Guidance that’s tailored to you.

We know that no two founders are the same, and neither are their startups. Therefore we curate our startup advisory guidance to each founder, getting to know them on a personal level before tailoring our fundraising strategy and workshops. Above all, we will always embed investor psychology for a winning valuation, financial narrative, pitch deck, and investment-grade financials.

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