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Total Addressable Market
Precision Targeting: Total Addressable Market
In the world of venture capital, assessing the size of the market or Total Addressable Market (TAM) is paramount when evaluating startups. Given the high failure rate of startups, it…
Enterprise SaaS
Enterprise SaaS: What Does The Future Hold
In the midst of a tumultuous 2022 for European tech, one sector emerged victorious and continued to surpass funding records.¬†Enterprise SaaS, the backbone of modern businesses, secured $17.8 billion in…
The ChatGPT Effect
OpenAI’s ChatGPT release stirred the tech world, spurring investors and startups to exploit its potential. This blog analyses the ChatGPT Effect: AI stock surges and generative AI startup interest. AI…
Startups in Europe
Challenges in Scaling Deep Tech Startups in Europe
The startups in Europe, with regard to the deep-tech sector, have witnessed tremendous growth over recent years. Deep-tech startups focus on technologies based on tangible engineering innovation or scientific advances,…
What is Biohacking?
Biohacking has a frightening connotation, conjuring up thoughts of invasive medical procedures and apocalyptic futures. Biohacking is one branch of transhumanism, according to Vox, and is a movement based on…
Deep Tech Startups: Fuelling Your Growth
Deep Tech Startups: Fuelling Your Growth
Deep Tech startups are at the forefront of technological innovations and advancements, using scientific research and development to solve some of the world’s most complex challenges. Artificial intelligence (AI) technology…
Family Offices
Family Offices in 2023: Embracing Venture Capital
In the dynamic world of business and investment, Family Offices are increasingly recognising the immense potential of venture capital as a strategic investment avenue. Through allocating a portion of their…