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7startup Educational Videos: The Enterprise Software Development Process

In this video, we’ll cover the entire enterprise software development process step-by-step. From preparing a blueprint to offering support and maintenance, learn everything you need to know right here.

Topics Covered:

This video covers the following topics:

Benefits of Enterprise Software – Enterprise software aims to simplify and automate the daily processes of an organisation seamlessly, but how does it do this? and what else can it do? Find out here.

Prepare a Blueprint – The first step in enterprise software development comes before enterprise software development. Preparing a blueprint ahead of time ensures that you have a plan & schedule in place to follow. Here we show you how.

Assess Project Requirements – Making sure that all stakeholders and team members understand the software requirements is essential. But why? And how do you do this? Check out this section to learn.

Choose the Right Technology – When building enterprise software, you must pick the right toolkit for developers. How do you know it’s the right toolkit? In this section are some steps to take to ensure success.

Search for a Skilled Team – Finding the right team for your enterprise software is crucial. In this section, we break down what specific positions are most important or often under looked.

Software Design & Development – One of the most crucial steps in this process for obvious reasons, you want to get this part right. Here we cover steps you can take to ensure this, and specifics that you should focus on.

Software Testing & Deployment – Testing your software is critical to ensure the functionality of the software is flawless. Here, we’ll go over different types of testing you can do and software deployment.

Support & Maintenance – After a successful launch, one might think the software development job is complete. But you must monitor the software frequently to ensure it’s still running properly. This section covers a few ways to go about this and how it can help.

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Amit Khanna, 7startup Founder

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