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Introducing: Lumon

We are thrilled to announce a partnership with Lumon, an overseas payment platform that helps you manage overseas investments and develop strategies to maximise performance. For international investors looking to invest in some promising British startups, Lumon can help you cut your currency exchange costs, mitigate uncertainty from investment transactions, and reduce currency exchange volatility.

Shamus Hodgson, CEO of Lumon had this to say: “We understand that startups face a multitude of challenges throughout their scaling-up journey. Having the right guidance from those with experience in the industry can really make the difference. 7startup has provided a multitude of startups with guidance and support while helping them secure international investment. We are delighted to work alongside 7startup as they engage with entrepreneurs and elevate them to the next level.”

“Here at 7startup we are always looking to attract international investment into some of the finest British startups, so the work Lumon does in helping unite people, technology, and expertise means we are very excited to be a partner on their journey. Working closely with Lumon’s FX experts, we are ensuring that the international investors in our network are being provided with a platform that supports secure and affordable investment into the UK market”, says Amit Khanna, founder of 7startup.