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Founders that are building future growth stories and can clearly explain this narrative in the pitch deck are in great demand by VCs. Our Pitch Deck Review engagement is an expert review of your deck and your business model, we highlight potential red flags to investors. A well-formed pitch deck is the difference between not getting a VC meeting and raising a successful round.

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Expert Advice

Our team has reviewed hundreds of Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A startup fundraising decks for top VC firms


Custom Review

We run your deck through our ‘raise framework’ then highlight specific improvements needed to your deck to get you funded


Actionable Feedback

You will get a slide-by-slide report outlining what’s good and what's missing for investors and  actionable recommendations to improve your pitch immediately

Post-seed and Series A

- An in-depth review of narrative, business model, financial model

- Focus on growth and product-market fit

Pre-seed & Seed

- A review of the narrative and the business model

- Focus on growth MVP and launch

We support entrepreneurs with every aspect of their business including investor presentations, fundraising, and scaling up.

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