Why does your startup need a pitch deck?

A prospective angel investor or a VC will only be interested in your business model if they understand it well and can resonate with your idea. A great pitch deck can help with this.

Your pitch deck should be consistent with your brand and business values. It should appeal to investors, meaning it should include everything that an investor or startup VC is looking for and would like to know.

How can 7startup help you with the perfect startup pitch deck?

Founders that are building future growth stories and can clearly explain this narrative in the pitch deck are in great demand by VCs. Our Pitch Deck Review engagement is an expert review of your pitch deck presentation and business model, during which we will highlight any issues an investor may deem a red flag. A well-formed pitch deck is the difference between not getting a VC meeting and raising a successful round.

OKR Benefits to Measure What Matters

Expert Advice

Our team has reviewed hundreds of pre-seed, seed, and series A startup fundraising decks for top VC firms so you can trust we have expertise and experience in this area.

OKR Benefits to Measure What Matters

Custom Review

We run your business deck through our ‘raise framework’ and highlight specific improvements needed in your pitch deck to get your startup funded by investors such as seed funding companies, angels, and VCs.

OKR Benefits to Measure What Matters

Actionable Feedback

You will get a highly detailed report outlining both the positives of your pitch deck and the actionable recommendations that can improve your presentation immediately.

Pre-seed & Seed

- A review of the narrative and the business model

- Focus on growth MVP and launch

Post-seed and Series A

- An in-depth review of narrative, business model, financial model

- Focus on growth and product-market fit

Frequently Asked Questions

7startup founders with a winning financial narrative to get early-stage ventures funded.

How do you help as startup business advisors?

We provide practical startup advice. Our startup consultants accelerate your business through our proprietary accelerator methodology, supporting entrepreneurs with every aspect of their business, from VC funding to OKR planning.

As startup fundraising consultants, what rounds of funding do you help with?

We work with founders to help them raise funding for Seed stage, Series A, and beyond. We design a comprehensive investment strategy, introduce relevant investors, and execute successful funding campaigns.

Can you help us scale up?

We understand the unique challenges that founders face because we’ve lived them personally. We help you drive growth and scale up with our strategy workshops to accelerate your business to a scaleup, and perhaps unicorn, faster than you would without us.

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