We’re a team of expert startup funding consultants.

Whether your startup is at the pre-seed, seed stage, or driving towards your Series A –  our investor club, and wide network of Angels, Family Offices, and VCs are ready to invest growth capital in your early-stage tech venture. As your funding consultant, we focus on investment readiness to get the right investors on board with your winning startup.

Our Process

We help you secure relevant startup funding from our diverse investor club

We work with startups and scaleups to design a comprehensive investment strategy, world-class investment collateral, and an engaging investment proposition.
When strategy consulting for startups we work together with founders to create fantastic pitch decks, honest financial models, and thorough valuation analysis.
We then introduce them to our private investor club to execute successful funding campaigns.

Startup Funding FAQs

Why does a startup need funding?

As a startup in the early stages, post MVP, you might need resources to launch your product and gain traction in the market. For seed and series A stage, you will need investment capital to accelerate your growth or make your business more defensible.

To convince investors to provide funding for startups, they need to see investment readiness, not just your ground-breaking idea. A startup funding consultant can be the difference-maker in securing funding for your startups.

Why is a funding consultant important?

A good funding consultant works with founders to seek and secure smart capital. Funding consultants, like 7startup, have access to a network of investors built over many years.

They unearth hidden value in your business model and harmonise every detail through due diligence before pitching to investors, leading to a successful investment round, resulting in growth, and scaling up.

As startup fundraising consultants, what funding rounds do you help with?

We work with founders to help them raise funding for pre-seed, seed stage and series A. We do this by designing a comprehensive investment strategy, introducing relevant investors, and executing successful funding campaigns. Engaging a startup fundraising consultant for startups is recommended at all funding stages.

Team of Experts

Our diverse investors club of VC firms and our valuable insights on winning pitch meetings has been integrated into our startup funding consultant process over many years.

Founder Support

We take the fundraising journey together, from producing best-in-class investment collateral to getting funding from the right investors for your startup business.

Data-Driven Approach

Our data-led approach means that active investors in our club are happy to work with us and gain access to high-quality startup business investment opportunities from our network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our FAQs. However, if you would like to know anything not included in this list, please feel free to contact us.