Lets get you funded!

We’re a team of expert startup funding consultants.

Whether your startup is at the seed stage, or driving towards your Series B – our private investor club, and wide network of Angels, Family Offices, and VCs are ready to invest growth capital in your tech venture. As your funding consultant, we know what investors are looking for. We will connect you with the right investors to get on board and invest in your winning startup.

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Our Process

We help you secure relevant startup funding from our diverse investor club

We work with startups and scaleups to design a tailored investment strategy and an attractive investment proposition. We’ve worked extensively with both sides of the table. This means we have a great understanding of what investors look for and are capable of identifying the missing pieces in your pitch deck to ensure that it includes all the key indicators.
We have amassed a sizable investor club that spans multiple stages and industries over the course of our many years in the startup ecosystem. All of our members are engaged and trust us to send them the right deals. We don’t just get you funding, we match you with partners who are right for your business and can help you scale to the next level.

Startup Funding FAQs

Why does a startup need funding?

It is a well known fact that the majority of startups fails, and the number one cited reason for failure is that they run out of cash and are unable to secure further funding. It appears from the get go that the odds are already stacked against you.

Despite this, many founders still tend to underestimate the time and work that goes into successfully pitching a business. There is no way around it – fundraising is brutal. The reality is that investors do not think like you, and while we can see the investment potential in your business, this on its own is rarely enough.

Why is a funding consultant important?

The general rule is that you should start raising 6 – 9 months before you anticipate needing funding. Fundraising is such a highly specialised skill that many corporations hire specifically for those roles. We have found that founders with limited fundraising expertise often get stuck on the fundraising process. This becomes expensive in the long run and costs startups a great deal of growth momentum during that period.

Finding the right investor earlier pays off in the long run. Even if, after the 6 month process, you are able to secure an investor, there is a limited amount of runway before the process needs to start again. Getting it right the first time will ensure that your investors can become strategic partners who work alongside you to grow your business. We do the work to get you to that point, and with a funding consultant’s help, not only will your time be freed up to put your focus where it is needed most – in your business – but you will get a better deal, faster.

As startup fundraising consultants, what funding rounds do you help with?

We work with founders to help them raise funding for seed stage and series B. We do this by designing a comprehensive investment strategy, introducing relevant investors, and executing successful funding campaigns. Engaging a startup fundraising consultant for startups is recommended at all funding stages.

Team of Experts

Our diverse investors club of VC firms and family offices, plus our valuable insights on winning pitch meetings has been integrated into our startup funding consultant process over many years.

Founder Support

We take the fundraising journey together, from producing best-in-class investment collateral to getting funding from the right investors for your startup business.

Data-Driven Approach

Our data-led approach means that active investors in our club are happy to work with us and gain access to high-quality startup business investment opportunities from our network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our FAQs. However, if you would like to know anything not included in this list, please feel free to contact us.