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We’re an expert startup fundraising consulting team.

We’re your fundraising consulting partners and know what investors seek. Whether your startup is at the Seed stage, or driving towards your Series B – our private investor club, and a wide network of Angels, Family Offices, and VCs are ready to invest growth capital in your tech venture. Following in-depth DD we connect you with the right investors to close the round for you to scale your startup.

Why does your startup need funding and how can a fundraising consulting help?

VC Experts

Our strategy consulting for startups means we work with you to produce world-class investment collateral as needed (pitch decks, financial models, and valuation analysis) so that you can secure investment funding for your startup.

Fundraising Journey

We take the startup fundraising journey with you – from getting your startup and your team investment-ready and securing funding. We’re London based with a global reach.

Rigorous Process

We’re a team of exited entrepreneurs and investors who know the blind spots and risks in startup fundraising – we take you through our rigorous process to ensure you get funding for your startup.

Our Team

Get to know the 7startup team that’ll be working with you on your journey.

Amit Khanna
Amit Khanna
7startup Founder

Amit is an operator turned investor. Exited founder, started in technology with Capita PLC followed by 8 years across the startup ecosystem in London as a founder of a software business. Significant software-led transformation experience in the enterprise in various verticals (Northrop Grumman and Flight Centre Group). Deep network of Family Offices and the VC ecosystem in the UK and Europe.

Hans Nilsson
Hans Nilsson
Strategic Advisor

Hans is a business scaling expert with over 30 years of experience in management. An ex-CEO of a FTSE 250 company and PE-back ventures, Hans is also a Seed Coach with the Stanford Graduate programme and helps startups build effective environments to scale up and flourish.

Ivan Branitskiy
Ivan Branitskiy
Venture Partner

Ivan is Principal at the VC branch of Global Venture Alliance (GVA) where they have deployed over $200m and his work has exposed him to 10 unicorns and 2 IPOs just in the last 3 years. A specialist in crypto/blockchain, Web3, gaming and biotech.

Toms Selga
Toms Selga
Web3 Investment Consultant

Toms is a Web3 native with a broad investment portfolio and has participated in 100s of IDOs & more than 150 pre-sale projects with deep due-diligence expertise in Tokenomics. Additionally, he has an MBA from a top-tier business school.

What are the Odds of Securing Funding?

Your startup needs money to grow a team, develop a product, and bring it to market. Beyond bootstrapping, when founding teams need to raise capital from institutional investors, the odds are stacked against them when looking at the data.

Not only is it difficult to build a successful company, but it can be nearly as hard to raise money from a VC or a Family Office. This is due particularly to the asymmetry between founders and venture capitalists. Founders only have a few opportunities to build and scale a successful company whilst VCs have the advantage of deciding from thousands of opportunities.

How does Fundraising Consulting Help Startups?

As founders, being close to your business is great but it can make it difficult to identify certain weaknesses that investors look for. Investors are risk-averse, and no opportunity is a sure bet. We understand investor psychology and align your strengths and any hidden disadvantages to match this mindset.

Our process takes a deep dive into your business & evaluates the investment opportunity, just like an investor would. We guide you through the entire fundraising process, from developing the right narrative on your pitch deck to developing a data room and matching you with the best-fit investors for your startup and stage.


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