Pitch Deck Review
From our VC Team

Failing to get meetings or funding from VCs? The odds of securing funding are slim, less than 1% of startups get funded. VCs see thousands of pitch decks and invest in a handful. We help you get through the VC door and avoid falling at the final due diligence hurdle.

A winning pitch deck with a clear financial narrative and strategic storytelling is a must before approaching angel investors and venture capitalists to raise funds for your startup. The best way to win over investors is with the perfect investor pitch deck, and we can help.

Financial Modelling Services From Seed to Series B

It can take 9 months to secure funding and feel in control of due diligence challenges that could have been ironed out during an early-stage due diligence process.

Our team of seasoned VCs work with you to create a bespoke financial model that showcases the true potential of your startup, projecting growth, profitability, and return on investment.

With our support, you’ll confidently present your financial roadmap, leaving investors impressed and eager to be a part of your success story.

Why is Investment Readiness Important?

How can 7startup Help Me?

Investment readiness is crucial because it enables founders to meet the financial and fundraising expectations of investors. Being investment ready greatly enhances your chances of receiving funding.

Before approaching investors, founders need to prepare themselves. Preparation is key to properly understanding options and also establishing credibility.

We only work with the highest calibre startups, with cutting-edge ideas and capable teams. Our workshops focus on product, market, traction, and team to ensure the business and team are fully prepared.

We believe that the larger the investment, the more extensive the due diligence process. At 7startup, we curate our process to guide you with relevant and personalised metrics, as well as a methodical review of your investment collateral and data room.

Our Sectors

AI/ML & Big Data

Data volume has skyrocketed due to the cloud, we look for new products that simplify big data with AI or ML algorithms.

Vertical SaaS

Old-fashioned processes and outdated tools in industries are ripe for disruption via the SaaS model.

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain
Web3 & Blockchain

Blockchain’s core characteristics has vast application for business – decentralisation, transparency, immutability, and automation.

7startup provides a small group of exceptional startups with in-depth fundraising support and capital each year.

Investment-Readiness Services to Get You Funded

Founders that are building future growth stories and can clearly explain this narrative in the pitch deck are in great demand by VCs. Our winning formula is our investment readiness expertise, private investors club, and global connections with VCs.

Expert Advice

In the fiercely competitive world of fundraising, standing out from the crowd is essential. We arm you with the knowledge and fine-tune your business model to showcase your startup’s potential to investors.

Custom Review

Our ‘raise framework’ highlights specific improvements needed in your business plan, pitch deck & financial model to get your startup funded by VCs, Family Offices, or Angel Investors.

Actionable Feedback

Our VC Analysts and Partners outline the positives and areas for improvement in your collateral and data room. We run bespoke workshops and our comprehensive approach ensures nothing is left to chance.

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