How does startup funding work and why does your startup need funding?

Your startup business may be a billion pound idea, but without the right resources to help get your operations up and running, your startup will remain just that - a startup.

The majority of successful startups work to raise capital through rounds of funding. Startups approach investors to invest in their business in order to nurture and support the potential within their business model. The initial startup funding rounds are pre-seed, seed, Series A, and Series B.

Before diving into the startup fund search, you must analyse your business valuation to see which startup funding round is best for you. Understanding the types of funding rounds and which round you should pursue is crucial for your startup funding objectives.

OKR Benefits to Measure What Matters

Team of Experts

Our strong relationships with VC firms and their valuable insights on winning pitch meetings has been integrated into our startup consulting over many years.

Business Advisor for Startup

Founder Support

We take the fundraising journey together, from producing best-in-class investment collateral to getting funding from the right investors for your startup business.

Seed Funding for Startups

Data-Driven Approach

Our data-led approach means that active investors are happy to work with us and gain access to high-quality startup business investment opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

7startup founders with a winning financial narrative to get early-stage ventures funded.

How do you help as startup business advisors?

We provide practical startup advice. Our startup consultants accelerate your business through our proprietary accelerator methodology, supporting entrepreneurs with every aspect of their business, from VC funding to OKR planning.

As startup fundraising consultants, what rounds of funding do you help with?

We work with founders to help them raise funding for seed stage, series A, and beyond. We design a comprehensive investment strategy, introduce relevant investors, and execute successful funding campaigns.

Can you help us scaleup?

We understand the unique challenges that founders face because we’ve lived them personally. We help you drive growth and scaleup with our strategy workshops to accelerate your business to a scaleup, and perhaps unicorn, faster than you would without us.

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