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7startup is the Web3 startup’s choice for equity funding. We assist startups in harnessing the possibilities of this rapidly expanding decentralised economy. Our expert & dedicated team works with founders, managing their Pre-Seed, Seed, & Private funding rounds from our vast investor network of Angels, Family Offices, & VCs.

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Our Mission

Our private investment club is dedicated to supporting and partnering with visionary founders to build disruptive yet long-term businesses. Focusing on Pre-Seed to Private, we aim to back only the most innovative Web3 startups from the UK, Europe, and USA, helping them to become category-defining companies.

Our primary goal is to educate entrepreneurs and inform investors of the best deals and then facilitate the deal for both parties.

We help you get through the VC door and avoid failing at the final due diligence hurdle!

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Our Team

Get to know the 7startup team that’ll be working with you on your journey.

Amit Khanna
Amit Khanna
7startup Founder

Amit is an operator turned investor. Exited founder, started in technology with Capita PLC followed by 8 years across the startup ecosystem in London as a founder of a software business. Significant software-led transformation experience in the enterprise in various verticals (Northrop Grumman and Flight Centre Group). Deep network of Family Offices and the VC ecosystem in the UK and Europe.

Toms Selga
Toms Selga
Web3 Investment Consultant

Toms is a Web3 native with a broad investment portfolio and has participated in 100s of IDOs & more than 150 pre-sale projects with deep due-diligence expertise in Tokenomics. Additionally, he has an MBA from a top-tier business school.

Hans Nilsson
Hans Nilsson
Strategic Advisor

Hans is a business scaling expert with over 30 years of experience in management. An ex-CEO of a FTSE 250 company and PE-back ventures, Hans is also a Seed Coach with the Stanford Graduate programme and helps startups build effective environments to scale up and flourish.

Ivan Branitskiy
Ivan Branitskiy
Venture Partner

Ivan is Principal at the VC branch of Global Venture Alliance (GVA) where they have deployed over $200m and his work has exposed him to 10 unicorns and 2 IPOs just in the last 3 years. A specialist in crypto/blockchain, Web3, gaming and biotech.


We employ our investment and startup operational experience to unearth value and mitigate investment risk within 4 weeks.

As a startup funding consultant, we take a comprehensive approach to due diligence for high-quality early-stage investment acceleration. We’ll work intensively to get you investment-ready and funded with startup fundraising services tailored just for you.


We focus on Pre-Seed to Private raises from £1m to £25m, and as a startup funding consultant, we use our formidable investor network to get your startup funded.

We select the best startups and curate deals for our private members’ club, global family offices, and VC funds. In addition, we can also co-invest or invest up to £200k directly via an SPV from our sister business Shoreditch VC.

Why 7startup?

Are We a Match?

Our startups are top-notch, with innovative concepts and strong teams. We are very selective, assessing the team, market, traction, and product, and if we engage, we only introduce entrepreneurs to our elite group of investors after they have had ample time to develop both their company and their team.

Your startup should have:
web3 startup funding, Web3

At least 2 full-time founders

web3 startup funding, Web3

An MVP or post-product

web3 startup funding, Web3

Meaningful traction & large market size

web3 startup funding, Web3

Be based in the UK, Europe or US

You should have:
web3 startup funding, Web3

Passion, determination, and resilience

web3 startup funding, Web3

Unique insight into solving a problem

web3 startup funding, Web3

Previous Web3 successes

Our work ethic is strong
but our criteria is strict.

So if you tick a lot of our boxes, contact us today.

We’re London based with a global reach. Supporting founders building tech-enabled businesses with innovative business models in Web3.

Our Partners

7startup is proud to partner with leading VCs, Family Offices, and an ever-growing variety of impressive businesses in the startup ecosystem.

Areas Within Web3

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain
DAOs & DAO Enablement
Business Automation Software
Currencies & Transactions
Fintech & Insurtech
Decentralised Finance (DeFi)
NFTs & Asset Tokenisation
AI/ML & Big Data
Consumer-Focused Utility
Digital Health
Distributed Services & Enterprise Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our FAQs. However, if you would like to know anything not included in this list, please feel free to contact us.

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