Our Thesis

Securing funding is not easy…..

Here at 7startup, we know appreciate that the odds are stacked against you when it comes to securing funding from a VC or Family Office:

100-1000 startups are screened by VCs
Around 10 will get to the pre due diligence stage
Only One gets to closing stages of a deal

We employ our startup investment operational experience to unearth value and mitigate investment risk throughout our expert startup advisory programmes. 7startup, through our vast investor network, can be the difference between you having one foot through the door and being lost in the 100s.

That is why we are here to help!

At 7startup, our in-depth pre-due-diligence process ensures that we have the opportunity to work with some really exciting startups who have bright futures ahead of them. Like every smart founder, they understand when it is time to draft in some professional help, that is where 7startup come in.

These are just some of the services we provide during the intensive 4 months that we work with clients. We appreciate that your time is valuable, therefore, everything we do is tailored to you so that you are able to maximise your time with us for optimum output.

Pre Due Diligence
Pitch Deck Review
Extensive Workshops
Campaign Media
Fundraising Management
Full Deal Review
We have expertise working with VCs, so we are aware of the qualities they seek in a startup. Therefore, while considering promising new startups, we have a set of criteria that we try to follow:

Your startup must:

Have at least 2 full-time founders
Have an MVP or a launched product
Demonstrate market traction
Be based in the UK or Europe

You must:

Have passion, determination, and resilience
Have unique insight into solving a problem
Be operating and experienced in at least one of our target sectors
Even if you don’t Meet every criteria, but still feel like we would be a good fit, then get in touch today!


At 7startup, we make sure that our goals are aligned with yours, so you can feel comfortable knowing we are doing everything we can to secure the best possible deal for your startup.

To do so we charge an initial engagement fee with a 5% success fee, a smart investment that has long-term value for your startup.


£10k – £15k


£15k- £25k


£25k – £30k

For a more personalised price quote, get in contact with one of our expert startup business consultants today.

Workshops can be held either in person at our London office or online, whatever is suitable for your current situation. Additionally, please note that one workshop typically lasts around half a day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our FAQs. However, if you would like to know anything not included in this list, please feel free to contact us.