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Google achieved spectacular scaleup growth by adopting Objective and Key Results (OKRs). Scaling your business with OKRS facilitates growth and innovation in startups - they are crucial in allowing a smooth transition to scale your business.

Different companies experience different challenges as they scale and the demands on a scaleup business leader naturally evolve: growing pains are real. When teams jump from 15 to 50 employees team swell can occur and new roles require fresh and clearer directives.


Key Results are measurable

An easy way to grade is using a number: Google uses a 0–1.0 scale to grade each key result at the end of a quarter.


Find the “sweet spot”

The “sweet spot” is between 0.6 and 0.7. If someone achieves 1.0 regularly, clearly their OKRs need to be bolder. Low marks shouldn’t be punished but seen as data to refine OKRs for the next quarter.


OKRS should be public

Everyone in your business should have visibility of what everyone else is working on and how they have performed in the past.

Objectives and key results consist of four parts: a high-level objective outline, a detailed description explaining its importance, a summary of how it aligns with the wider goals of both the team and the company, and the three to five key results that will help them achieve it.

Why does your startup need OKRs?


Once your startup starts to scale up, it can become complex, bureaucratic, and administrative. This results in duplicating efforts, a lack of coordination, and a loss of control. For this reason, your startup needs OKR consulting to understand how best to manage this complex growing pain.

Scaling shifts your team’s focus

You’re not always going to be able to move as quickly or as aggressively as you’d planned. Reap OKR benefits for your startup using the right OKR systems.

Alignment in a growing team

Convening with employees in a small company is easy, but as the team expands, keeping everyone in the loop becomes trickier. Finding the right OKR methodology to manage your team both online and offline is a necessary step for startups.


In an early-stage startup you may be able to get away with a certain amount of disorder, but when you’re scaling up it becomes critical to ensure that key processes are appropriately handled.

Organisation chart

Organisation transparency with clear roles, responsibilities, and reporting lines should not be put on the back burner.

How can 7startup’s OKR consulting help you?

We ensure there’s a mutual understanding of the purpose and priorities of your business and that you have a suitable means to track your startup’s progress. Our OKR Planning service helps you improve alignment, productivity, engagement, and performance. Fast.

Achieve consistent best-practice OKR usage and high levels of engagement at scale.

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Strategy & Change Communication

Our purpose-built OKR Dashboard SaaS tool, alongside our startup consulting service, helps increase revenues by 5% to 20% by aligning to mission-driven objectives.

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Common Understanding

Insights for leaders and managers to monitor the team's understanding of the strategy and provide help or encouragement wherever needed.

OKR Planning Target

Goal and Objective Setting

Our OKR system creates clarity of goals and objectives. It accelerates results by ensuring focus, continuous learning, and accountability amongst your team.

OKR Goals

Individual Insights

Get expert analysis and recommendations for your startup, from individual performance to understanding employees' perspectives and challenges.

Mission Vision Strategy OKRs

Open Communication

Our OKR training empowers cross-functional and dispersed teams to manage complex work by communicating across silos. This will enable autonomy and increase productivity.

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Drive Execution

Accelerate results with goal alignment by bringing clarity and accountability to work. Adopting a ‘business operating system’ with our OKR methodology also creates investor value.

Successful scaleups possess a combination of agility, challenger mindset, and drive. Partner with us to build an optimal system for growth to move from your first round to series A and beyond, faster.

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We provide practical startup advice. Our startup consultants accelerate your business through our proprietary accelerator methodology, supporting entrepreneurs with every aspect of their business, from VC funding to OKR planning.

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