RevOps and Process Automation

For Seed to Series B Startups

As tech investors, we’re at the forefront of emerging trends and changes in the market. To secure funding in a downturn, startups need to decrease burn, increase the runway, and focus on growth.

Early-stage startups must extract the most value from their people and processes. That’s why we believe that starting with a solid revenue engine and process foundations helps to achieve sustainable growth and get you the next round of funding.

Process Automation

7startup RevOps

The Ultimate Revenue Operations Support

RevOps is our cutting-edge service designed to streamline your startup’s revenue operations. Our innovative approach, the highest level of expertise and advice, make it easier than ever to optimise your sales pipeline, boost your revenue, and grow your startup.

Optimise Your Sales Pipeline

With RevOps, you can easily optimise your sales pipeline and improve your conversion rates:

  • Sales Automation Tools that help you close deals faster
  • Lead Scoring and Routing Capabilities that ensure your best leads receive the attention they deserve
  • Data-Driven Insights that help you make smarter decisions regarding sales strategy and tactics

Boost Your Revenue

7s RevOps offers a range of options that help you increase your revenue, including:

  • Automated Lead Qualification
  • Advanced Sales Analytics
  • Customisable Dashboard that provides Real-Time Insights into your Sales Funnel

Grow Your Business

RevOps is the ultimate revenue operations solution, providing you with everything you need to grow your business, including:

  • User-Friendly Platforms from HubSpot to that make it easy to manage every aspect of your sales process
  • Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities that allow you to track your progress over time
  • Experienced Revenue Operations Experts who can help you achieve your business goals
Overcome the difficulties that arise during the scaleup phase by defining the guiding principles and best practices as you drive towards product-market fit.

7startup Process Automation

Driving Impact at Scale

We’re experts in operational and organisational change for B2B teams in tech. Customised plans to support growth and scale for Seed to Series B startups.

Platforms We Work With

 Through our RevOps & Process Automation, 7startup can build automations and integrations with numerous applications and platforms.

Our Team

Get to know the 7startup team that’ll be working with you on your journey.

Amit Khanna
Amit Khanna
7startup Founder

Amit is an operator turned investor. Exited founder, started in technology with Capita PLC followed by 8 years across the startup ecosystem in London as a founder of a software business. Significant software-led transformation experience in the enterprise in various verticals (Northrop Grumman and Flight Centre Group). Deep network of Family Offices and the VC ecosystem in the UK and Europe.

Hans Nilsson
Hans Nilsson
Strategic Advisor

Hans is a business scaling expert with over 30 years of experience in management. An ex-CEO of a FTSE 250 company and PE-back ventures, Hans is also a Seed Coach with the Stanford Graduate programme and helps startups build effective environments to scale up and flourish.

Ivan Branitskiy
Ivan Branitskiy
Venture Partner

Ivan is Principal at the VC branch of Global Venture Alliance (GVA) where they have deployed over $200m and his work has exposed him to 10 unicorns and 2 IPOs just in the last 3 years. A specialist in crypto/blockchain, Web3, gaming and biotech.

Toms Selga
Toms Selga
Web3 Investment Consultant

Toms is a Web3 native with a broad investment portfolio and has participated in 100s of IDOs & more than 150 pre-sale projects with deep due-diligence expertise in Tokenomics. Additionally, he has an MBA from a top-tier business school.

Our Sectors

AI/ML & Big Data

Data volume has skyrocketed due to the cloud, we look for new products that simplify big data with AI or ML algorithms.

Vertical SaaS

Old-fashioned processes and outdated tools in industries are ripe for disruption via the SaaS model.

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain
Web3 & Blockchain

Blockchain’s core characteristics has vast application for business – decentralisation, transparency, immutability, and automation.

7startup provides a small group of exceptional startups with in-depth fundraising support and capital each year.

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