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New businesses in the UK, including startups, have continued to pop up at an impressive rate. The first quarter of
2021 alone showed a 20% increase in these enterprises being created. This makes the market saturated and
extremely competitive. This makes talent acquisition a strenuous task, as many competitors may swoop in and steal candidates from you.

For a startup, this can mean difficulty fostering growth. One of the main ways to combat this is through talent acquisition, by hiring talented individuals that have a clear vision and goal towards helping you further your endeavours as a business. These
acquisitions would bring in a fresh set of eyes, contribute unique ideas, and formulate effective strategies that will
truly help your startup develop. But, finding the right people can be difficult. Many obstacles may get in your way so
here’s what you can do to hire the right talent for your business:

Securing the best candidates for your startup

Pay attention to their resumes

Credentials are the first thing to consider when choosing potential candidates so it is important to pay close attention
to their resumes. As a start-up, talent acquisition can be difficult, especially when you don’t have access to tools to automate the process of doing so, but it is still necessary to be thorough with your search. Look at their past experiences and see if they have any proven work experience that they might be able to use when in your company. Check if they have the right education and skills for the role since this will also tell you whether or not they are fit for the position.

Just remember that while credentials are important, you should also choose a well-rounded candidate. Our past
article on ‘Workaholism’ explains that passion is always necessary for growth but having real-life experiences will give
potential employees better insights and fresh perspectives.

Widen your talent pool

Talent acquisition does not have to be a laborious process, if done well. In the past, talented candidates may have been deterred from applying to different businesses due to distance. This not only takes away their opportunity to work with a potentially great start-up, but also removes the company’s chance of gaining a skilled employee. The rise of remote work during the pandemic paved the way for integrating other off-site solutions to several more aspects of business– including the hiring process. Making applications more accessible by allowing candidates to send in their resumes online helps widen your pool of potential candidates, making it easier to find talented individuals.

LHH’s write-up on talent acquisition explains that integrating new technologies into your hiring process can be done
by uploading job postings on multiple platforms and utilising video conferencing software for interviews. You can then
either choose to support your candidates through their relocation process or allow them to work remotely, widening
the scope of skilled individuals you can onboard to increase your start-up’s growth potential.

Create good employer branding

Before candidates send their applications to a company, many try to research first what the organisation does, what
its values are, and what the company culture is like. Individuals who are aware of their skills and capabilities, won’t
settle by applying to every job posting they can find and are more selective. To find candidates who are talented and
fit your needs, you should work on your startup’s branding.

Create a set of values that cater not only to growing your business but also see your employees as an important
investment. Make sure to foster collaboration, support, and teamwork in the workplace so candidates will see a
positive culture that they may want to be a part of. Be sure to also take steps into fostering professional growth–
whether it’s through consistent upskilling or having mentorship strategies in place. Taking the time to be a good
employer, and it is reflected in your actions, is a great way for startups to be able to hire the best employees that are
willing to help your business grow.

Make acquiring candidates easier

Foster connections and networks

If your startup caters to a niche market, fostering professional connections and a good business network can help you
find the right candidates. You can talk to other members of your industry to gain leads on potential employees that
are a good fit for your company. You might also be able to meet new people whose vision and goals align with your
aims for growth, and who you can then offer roles in your business.

Forbes explains how building a business network means creating a mutually beneficial relationship with professionals
within your industry. You can network at events such as conferences and seminars. Building connections with the
right people will allow you to find candidates that can truly help your startup grow and expand.

Implement an employee referral program

Networking can also be done internally and having an incentivised strategy has worked for many companies. The
Balance Careers’ article on employee referral programs describes this as an initiative that encourages your workers
to find quality candidates that will be a good fit for your organisation. They can recommend friends, colleagues, and
family members that have a unique set of skills and credentials for specific roles in your company. Not only will they be able to receive benefits from doing so, such as a referral bonus, but they will be able to work with people who they
are already well acquainted with.

When creating an employee referral program, make sure to have set rules and policies in place so workers will not
recommend just anyone for the job. Ensure that each claim can be backed up by proof, only give bonuses to
successful hires, and be sure to give fair opportunities to all applicants– whether they were referred or not. This will
give you a wider range of qualified candidates to choose from without exhausting too many resources.

Remember that when choosing potential employees for your company, you should consider whether or not their
goals in their role align with your goals for growth. Ensuring you are on the same page will allow for an advantageous
relationship for both parties. Be sure that the people you hire have the right skills and talents fit for your start-up to
truly grow as a company.

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By Jennie Camilla

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