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MarTech Guide
Guide to MarTech:

Maximising Efficiency is a 7startup original report covering MarTech funding and all that this can encompass. We go over how to build your MarTech stack as well as an overview of the current landscape in MarTech funding, challenges that this industry faces, and what the future of MarTech may look like.

What we cover: 

1. Building Your MarTech Stack – With so many different marketing technology vendors and solutions out there, it can be hard to put together your MarTech stack. Here we’ll look at what to focus on when building yours.

2. The MarTech Landscape – The MarTech landscape has been substantially expanding over the past decade and hasn’t stopped yet. In this chapter, we’ll look at MarTech trends in 2022 and how they’re shaping the current landscape.

3. MarTech Challenges – MarTech, like all other industries, doesn’t come without its challenges and difficulties. In this chapter, we’ll discuss those and take a look at potential solutions.

4. Future of MarTech – With how much MarTech has advanced over the years, it’s tough to say just what the field will encompass in the future. In this chapter however, we’ll take a peak at what one might be able to expect.

Guidance that’s tailored to you.

We know that no two founders are the same, and neither are their startups. Therefore we curate our startup advisory guidance to each founder, getting to know them on a personal level before tailoring our fundraising strategy and workshops. Above all, we will always embed investor psychology for a winning valuation, financial narrative, pitch deck, and investment-grade financials.

Amit Khanna // Deep Tech Startups

Amit Khanna, 7startup Founder

Amit is an investor and advisor with two decades of experience and an MBA. He supports entrepreneurs with fundraising & go-to-market expansion in Saudi Arabia. His strategy is built on two pillars: deep investment acumen and a vast operational network. Reach out to us today and see if we’re a fit!

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