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Deep Tech Funding
Guide to Deep Tech:

Looking to the Future is a 7startup original report covering deep tech funding and all that this broad term can encompass. We go over what is meant by the term “deep tech,” the main fields with which deep tech is affiliated, and what current deep tech trends could mean for the future.

What we cover: 

1. Promising Deep Tech Fields – As ‘deep tech’ isn’t exactly the most specific term, a lot of different types of businesses in completely different fields or sectors can all fall under this category.

2. Deep Tech Challenges – While deep tech can face the same problems that any other startup may run into, some are more prevalent in deep tech than other types of business.

3. Deep Tech in the Future – The year 2025 has a promising outlook, especially if you love technology. In this section, we will cover some of the most cutting-edge technological advancements that are likely to materialise in the coming years.

4. Deep Tech in Ten Years – The changes we expect to see in the deep tech industry over the next ten years.

Guidance that’s tailored to you.

We know that no two founders are the same, and neither are their startups. Therefore we curate our startup advisory guidance to each founder, getting to know them on a personal level before tailoring our fundraising strategy and workshops. Above all, we will always embed investor psychology for a winning valuation, financial narrative, pitch deck, and investment-grade financials.

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