Established in 2013, Viperio is the North East of England’s leading esports club. With over 10 years of competitive heritage, Viperio is one of the only UK esports teams to have competed at the highest levels of competition without any investment to date.


North East England’s most followed esports club and one of the UK’s oldest organizations.

Partnerships with global firms like ZOTAC, Luckbox, Esports Insider.

Competed in over 50 tournaments in 2023, including BLAST Paris Major EU RMR.

Generated five figure revenues across 4+ Player Transfers to other esports teams.


With 88% of 16-24 year olds playing video games and an expected 17 million esports viewers by 2027, the UK esport scene has a substantial viewer base and talent pool. Despite this, a lack of opportunities means talent often migrates abroad to represent esports teams in other regions, hindering the UK’s growth and potential. There is currently only a handful of professional esports organisations based out of the United Kingdom, with the majority based out of London.


Viperio has adopted a lean operating model to ensure greater control of costs. A strong heritage in UK esports combined with our willingness to give opportunities to young, rising stars, allows us to attract talent that competes at a higher level of competition at a lower price point than our competitors. Signing emerging talent allows for revenue diversification beyond sponsorships and prize winnings through the increased opportunity of player transfers. Being the North East of England’s leading esports club allows Viperio to target both consumers and commercial opportunities outside of the capital.

Market & Growth

Mintel report that over two-thirds of British gamers watched esports in the last three months. Total UK esports revenue is expected to grow by 38% between 2023 and 2027. The global esports sponsorship market is set to exceed $1 billion by 2024, with global esports revenue showing a 9.5% CAGR between 2023-27.


Viperio envision a future where we not only maintain our position as the North East of England’s leading esports club, but become a multinational esports brand recognised around the globe. We plan to first elevate the esports landscape in the North East by providing opportunities for players and fans in the region by creating a purpose built esports facility and fan engagement zone. Simultaneously, Viperio will utilise the global growth of esports by strategically creating regional hubs through competitive rosters to connect with various audiences around the globe to foster a truly international fan base. Viperio aspire to become more than just an esports club by developing and creating a range of products that offer solutions to those operating in the esports and traditional sports markets.


Viperio often finds itself punching above its weight by competing against teams backed by venture capital or high net-worth individuals, such as Fnatic (multi-million investment across 8+ rounds), Guild Esports (owned by David Beckham), Rebels Gaming (owned by David de Gea) and Wylde (owned by Usain Bolt).

Business Model

Viperio’s primary revenue streams are sponsorships, prize winnings and player transfers. Viperio successfully scouts low cost, high potential talent, increasing our return on investment whilst challenging notable esports teams at a fraction of the cost.


Viperio signed partnership agreements with a range of multinational businesses in 2023, including Nvidia graphics card manufacturer ZOTAC, esports betting website Luckbox, and leading esports news publication Esports Insider. Viperio has previously secured licencing agreements to field rosters in official regional leagues run by major developers such as Riot Games and Ubisoft. Viperio has also sold several players to other esports teams located in the UK, Nordics and United States.


Our team consists of esports leaders with 20+ years of combined experience, as well as professionals with a range of creative, commercial, and legal backgrounds.


With no investment to date, Viperio’s competitive and commercial success has been organic. Viperio is seeking investment to scale operations, and to take advantage of larger commercial opportunities. Acting as the lead investor for this raise, Creative UK are supporting Viperio due to our “compelling pitch, backed up by tangible results and entrepreneurial potential”

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Amit Khanna
General Partner

£500,000 Raising
Stage: Pre-seed
Country: United Kingdom
Revenue: Below £100k
Lead Investor: Creative UK