rpv is a deep tech venture fund focused on early-stage, scientifically intensive ventures, based in Seattle backing cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs.

rpv will diversify across 45 early-stage deals and 5 venture builder deals

We see a future where deep tech startups address some of humanity’s most urgent challenges

Our cheque sizes range from $100k to $500k

Our focus is on neuroscience, new energy, lasers, additive manufacturing and advanced materials


rpv’ purpose is to drive tangible advancements in the well-being of humankind. The fund is focused on 5 specific physics-enabled areas: neuroscience, lasers and photonics, alternative energy, advanced materials, and additive manufacturing.

Why rpv

Early-stage, scientifically intensive ventures present massive potential value. We support outstanding people and provide them with capital, network, and expertise. We help scientists, entrepreneurs, and investors create value.


Our team is composed of reputable scientists, serial entrepreneurs, and investment professionals. Previously, Arkady was COO of VK.com (2019-2021) and was also the founder of Thankyou, the largest digital music label in Russia. Tamaz is a CERN affiliate and drove the relationship between CERN and Univ Georgia (Tbilisi), where he is a tenured professor.


rpv sets itself apart by specialising in creation investments, GPs – Arkady Kulik (MS Physics + MBA Instead) and Tamaz Khunjua (PhD Theoretical Physics) have an extensive scientific network. rpv cultivates scientists in innovative areas that demand capital, securing substantial ownership positions as a primary partner with venture scientists in the USA & EU.


We don’t just throw money and hope for the best; we’re actively involved, offering our operational expertise and vast scientific network to bolster our investments. The potential for financial returns is immense, but how do you spot the winners? That requires a deep understanding of science and a long-term perspective, the rpv team truly possesses this art and science.


We’ve raised $18m to date and made 4 initial investments. Our investors include some household names in the world of venture. LPs include Adam Draper (Boost VC), Dave McClure (500 startups, PVC), and Serguei Netessine (Wharton).

Get In Touch!

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Amit Khanna
General Partner

$18,000,000 Raised
Sector Focus: Technology
Geography: USA & EU
Raising: $25M+
Fund Minimum: $150K
Location: Seattle, USA