Bizbaz offers financial intelligence solutions to financial institutions, Fintechs and e-commerce companies in Asia, including comprehensive consumer and SME profiling and pre-scoring solutions, which enable them to engage the unbanked and underserved populations and organisations in Asia.

We apply AI to data analysis and behavioural sciences for personality based risk assessment

Bizbaz is on a mission to empower Asia’s unbanked population

Our AI powers Fin Products to reduce bad debt and increase customer acquisition and more

With clients in 8 countries, we’re expanding fast in Southeast Asia and LATAM


Financial institutions are failing to address the massive problem of Asia’s unbanked. Whilst suffering from a very high default rate despite using their own sophisticated tools. They do not take into account behavioural characteristics, such as high-risk takers, poor planning skills, impulsiveness, low integrity, or bad repayment habits.


We provide the next generation of customer Intelligence and risk assessment to empower financial institutions. We use AI, data analysis and behavioural sciences for deep insight interpretation. Applying behavioural characteristics to the approval process for financial institutions. Much more than just a credit score, payment history, repayment capacity and financial strength.

Market & Growth

With Bizbaz our clients are seeing upto 80% of risk reduced and 3x more revenues. The unbanked account for 70% of Southeast Asia’s 680 million population, a market opportunity of approximately $1 trillion, with untapped potential for financial services, remittances, and economic growth.

Business model

We offer risk checks and assessments at rates that are 30-40% less than local bureaus and 30% less than other data competitors. Our subscription starts at 10,000 risk checks per month with a 12-month contract, including service level agreements (SLAs), at a consistent monthly fee.


Trusted by leading financial institutions, we work with industry-leading clients and have lowered the policy lapse ratio by 3x for a leading life insurance company, and approval rates from 64% to 85% for an SME loans provider.


Our investors include financial powerhouses including HSBC. With a current fundraising round of $20M, we’re well-positioned to expand and continue to drive innovation in the financial services industry.

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Amit Khanna
General Partner

€20,000,000 Raising
Stage: Series A
Country: Singapore
Revenue: €4.6M
Forecast: £500M by 2027
Lead Investor: HSBC