Axyon AI is an Italian fintech committed to making the investment management industry more robust through the power of AI. We help asset managers improve their performance with AI-powered asset rankings and optimised indices on equities and ETFs.

$500M assets under technology

Clients include asset managers, hedge funds, and corporate trading desks

Leading-edge knowledge & proprietary tech

Our investors include financial powerhouses such as ING and UniCredit


Asset managers struggle to consistently produce Alpha, despite investing exorbitant amounts in alternative data sources such as satellite imagery, social media sentiment analysis, and credit card transaction data.


Our technology serves as an “alpha factory,” predicting assets’ relative performance, forecasting key drivers, and delivering model strategies. Portfolio managers benefit from ready-made investment strategies and customisable options, including overlays.


We’re unlocking the future by leading the disruptive adoption of AI in asset management. Removing the cost and time barriers for asset managers to access our cutting-edge predictive technology. Predictions cover investment universes such as MSCI Europe SRI, Eurostoxx 50, energy futures and much more.

Business model

Our services are offered in two phases: (i) a trial with no customisation for a few months at limited costs, or a pilot project with customisation; (ii) a DAAS (data as a service) license based on AuM and extra performance, with a minimum annual fee.

Market & Growth

The global asset management industry had an AuM of $98.3 trillion in 2022. Applying segmentation based on geography and client management (active asset managers & hedge funds), the addressable assets for Axyon AI amount to $4.6 trillion, more than 35K companies.


Other AI companies focus on improving individual algorithms or what-if models, while at Axyon AI we focus on building an “algorithm factory” with around 100 man-years of highly skilled technological programming, identifying and providing efficient algorithms.


Highly qualified investors are repeatedly supporting Axyon AI. We have nearly half of our round committed and are actively seeking strategic investors to join us on this exciting journey. Axyon AI is opening up to new investors to raise up to €5 million and expand its commercial presence in Europe, MENA, and subsequently in the USA.

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Amit Khanna
General Partner

€5,000,000 Raising
Stage: Series A
Country: Italy
Revenue: €1M+ 80% ARR
Pre-Money Valuation: €12M
Lead Investor: Secured